Case Line

The Original.

Each of our cases is handcrafted from .080 marine-type aluminum in the USA. A stainless-steel locking rod comes standard on every case we make. Heliarc welds add superior strength and increased security. Military spec hardware is attached with closed rivets, while aluminum-milled feet provide maximum stability at the base. All cases are backed with a free lifetime warranty.

Finding and purchasing the right case for you is easy here on our site or in our showroom. You can also find our gun cases at Kalispel Market in Cusick, WA, or at Windfall inside of Northern Quest Resort and Casino. All cases are made on the Kalispel Reservation in Cusick, WA.

Kalispel Market
370 Qlispe River Rd.
Cusick, WA 99119


100 N Hayford Rd. #125
Airway Heights, WA 99001

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Safari Case

The Safari Case offers extra protection for air travel and offloading into safari vehicles, making it the ultimate case for traveling with multiple rifles.

Starting at:
$ 550.00
Tactical Case

Handcrafted in Cusick, WA, expert metalworkers begin with marine-type .080 aluminum and use heliarc welds for superior strength. In addition, aluminum-milled feet, a stainless-steel locking rod assembly, and wheels come standard on every case to ensure maximum stability, security, and ease of use.

Starting at:
$ 850.00
K9 Crate

Give your dog the ultimate in protection whether you’re on the road, in-flight, or at home. Our K9 crates are expertly engineered for the working dog or family pet. We make each crate with the quality and craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from Kalispel Case Line and back them with our free lifetime warranty.

Starting at:
$ 675.00
AR-15 cases

Handcrafted in Cusick, WA, from .080 marine-type aluminum, our AR-15 cases offer the ultimate in protection for your firearm, whether you’re at the shooting range, out in the field, or just storing it at home.

Starting at:
$ 320.00
Shotgun Cases

Our shotgun cases are handcrafted locally in Cusick, WA. Each one is designed specifically with breakdown shotguns in mind, packing big protection into the convenience of a smaller sized case.

Starting at:
$ 315.00
Pistol Cases

Our pistol cases are locally made in Cusick, WA. Each one is engineered for convenience and portability with all the security of a gun safe.

Starting at:
$ 180.00
Bow Cases

Protection, convenience and accessibility make this Washington-made bow case the right choice for any discerning archer. Our lifetime warranty on all of our Kalispel Case Line products gives you peace of mind while you shop.

Starting at:
$ 440.00
Rifle Cases

Our rifle cases are handcrafted from .080 marine-type aluminum, making them easy to pack for hunters and sport shooters. Keep your guns and accessories safe in your home or in any rugged environment.

Starting at:
$ 350.00